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Find Customized Window Treatments in NYC

Are you looking for high-quality window treatments? You can get a wide variety of quality window treatments from Speedy Decorators, a local, family-owned company. Whether you are looking for drapes, shades, or other types of treatments, we have an option for you. With over 40 years of professional experience, we can help you find the window treatment that is perfect for your home, your needs, and your budget. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Speedy Decorators:

  • Free estimates
  • Interior design help
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional installations
  • Brand-name window treatment products
  • Customized products

New Upholstery in New York City

You can come to Speedy Decorators for much more than window treatments. We specialize in many types of interior furnishing, including upholstery and furniture. You can change the look of your home décor and your furniture with stylish but affordable upholstery products from Speedy Decorators. We will provide you with custom upholstery options depending on your personal preference and budget. Our upholstery options can help extend the life of your furniture while keeping it updated. Best of all, you will get a team of extremely skilled interior decorators to provide the highest quality upholstery.

One-Stop Shop for Interior Decorating Needs

If you want to simplify your interior decorating projects, come to Speedy Decorators. You can take care of multiple projects at once with our store. We can handle a variety of projects from upholstery, to window treatments, and more. Do you have a specific vision for your interior design? Then Speedy Decorators is the place for you. We customize every piece of furniture and every product we deliver to ensure it fits your needs. Call us for more information about any of the following products and services:

  • Upholstery on any type of furniture
  • Custom-made window treatments
  • Refinishing wood furniture
  • Slipcovers
  • Custom furniture

Interior Decorators with Top-Notch Customer Care

Our high-quality products and expert designers are not the only things that make Speedy Decorators great. As a local, family-run business, we pride ourselves on our customer care. You can rest assured that when you come to us for window treatments in NYC, you will be getting the highest level of customer service possible. Call us today! We are excited to see what we can do for you.

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